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Enlightenment Questions - Question From Tarsem

Dear Tathagata,

All my life I have been losing money. Money comes to me then oneway or the other it disappears because of my doing. Is there any way I can get lots of money and it stays with me so I can be worry free.

Yours with regards,
Tarsem Singh Virdi

Answer from Tathagata,

Dear Tarsem,

When you earn money, you always lose it easily. It happens, because of the Karma which exists inside yourself. The Karma may have come from the past or may be formed by relation that you met in reality. After listening to your story, the Karma might have came from the past. Unless you solve this Karma, even though, after this life, you will be born again in the future, you will not be able to free yourself from the destiny. To solve this matter is to awake yourself and then to get out of decisions made by yourself in the past. Then, from that time, as you wish, you will be able to earn big money, even if you endeavor a little, and you will be able to live well without hunger with the money.