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Enlightenment Questions - Question From Steve

Dear Sir,

I will be forty the 25 of this month and my life is a disaster, divorce, drinking ( well getting help with that so not drinking now). I wonder why people can walk down the street and just be happy, and not care what others think or make the right decisions, where I make the wrong one, I would like to know my inner peace and for my heart and soul to be at peace. Do you believe in god, because I do not want to be a god, I just want to be good and help others no matter how bad they treat me or do me wrong, I want to be happy, I have read your letter and was wondering if you could help me with this, The first time I heard of the third eye was in martial arts at age 14, and it always intrigued me, but now I am at my wits end so I am wondering if this is what is missing in my life, any help would be greatly appreciated. How do I develop my third eye, can I do this or is it only for the wise ?


Answer from Tathagata

Dear Steve,

First,let me tell you about helping others.
In order to be a person who is beneficial to others you should know exactly things in reality. Then,you will be able to perceive the ways which are helpful to others only through things in reality.
Second, Your interest in the third eye led you listen to this unusual knowledge. However, you need a great deal of effort and time to have it. It is impossible for anyone to obtain the third eye from his one lifetime effort. The eye is formed through the effort and practice for goodness for long long time. Therefore I can say for sure a man with the third eye appears in human world every 6,000-10,000years.