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Enlightenment Questions - Question From Simon

Dear Tathagata,

Does the end of the world, changing period relate to the Mayan date of
December 21 2012 ? I know this is predicted as being a time of great change.

Also, I have heard that after death you enter a state similar to the dream
state. It is said that if you can become lucid in this state you can escape
the cycle of rebirth. Is there any truth in either of the previous two

Any reply would be much appreciated.


Answer from Tathagata

Dear Simon

I was very surprised to hear that Mayan calendar told the age of changing period. I can say that it was a very accurate search under the circumstance at that time. There is a little bit difference in the year but it is correct that it will happen 2012-2020.
Because I do not converse to you directly I can not judge exactly how do you understand this subject. If the soul of the dead has the problem in it's motae because of attachment or ignorance, the soul will have a trouble to leave human world. Then the soul will miss the proper time for reincarnation and it will resulted in preventing the soul from self rebirth.


Further response from Simon

Dear Tathagata

Thank you for your response, I found it quite interesting. Another question
has come to my mind: Do you see people's auras? I have seen them in the past
and am currently working towards seeing them more clearly using techniques
from a website - What do you think of the information on this site ?
Do you think learning to see auras is relevant in the quest for enlightenment ?
Thanks for your time.


Further response from Tathagata

Dear Simon

Although your question is not clear enough to give my answer, I will try to answer in the way of my understanding. It is possible for someone to see auras when they have spirits* or contact them. Let me tell you two cases about this. Many years ago when I sat down on the Leister Square in London a girl approached to me, who was a student of post graduate. And she followed me to my house in East Ham and stayed for one hour or so.
I asked her "why did you come to me?' She answered" I saw auras around you and it was the most beautiful auras I've ever seen."
And the second case happened in Hyde Park. It was my second travel to Britain. When I sat down in the park a Vietnamese who had the British citizenship came to me and said that I saw your auras .It was so beautiful. I found that both of them could not realise what was in reality but they were connected with spirits.
The enlightened one can not see auras. Enlightenment is to open one's eye to the world and becomes to see what is in reality.


*Spirits as in Dead Souls