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Enlightenment Questions - Question From RS Champagne

Master, today I typed TATHAGATA into my search engine and here YOU are.How absolutely marvelous ! I find no argument with your teaching.Thank YOU. I can humbly assist sir,do you know would be a fantastic portal for the transmission of truths and I would be very honoured to maintain one,with your permission and guidance, for you. I have been maintaining one called The United states of Amerigance, which is very critical of the untruths and I have been exposing others to the tao, lao tse and eastern thinking processes and exposing the media by exploiting it through blogging...Its a little radical and people are reading,but is inaction not appropriate to our current condition ? Is not the truth just covered up by the lies ? I wish to give my time to spread the gift,im doing it already. I dont believe in you...I recognize the truth as its occuring in and around you, its very clear and I know that people are afraid to look because they are so used to believing with their minds and not seeing with their being. and afraid of having to earn it, to work for it, to work culture is very different than yours and I feel no disconnection from you at all. I cannot say that about even my own Father.

Sincerly yours in earnest,R.S.Champagne...

Answer From Tathagata

Dear Mr. Champagne,

Everything in the world is predetermined and to recognize predetermined thing is only possible through a problem. Words in your questions are appealing but there are no problem about things in the world at all in your words. That's why, anywhere no one can find any answers without problems. If you want to know about me in detail, please point out a problem exactly . Then I would be pleased to answer your question.