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Tathagata a Question
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Enlightenment Questions - Question From Ron

Dear Tathagata,

Thank you for being available for questions.
1. Is there a way I can practice to see what you see?
Can you tell me what to look for?
What is the best way to meditate please.
2. Am I in the world as a body, or does the world arise and appear
within me?
Or is it both? neither?
3. Does God literally live inside my body-sometimes called the Father
Is this what Christ meant when he said Heaven is Within You?
4. Does Solar Gazing help activate inner abilities?

Thank you
Ron Parrish

Answer from Tathagata

Dear Ron

If you want to learn how to read you should learn from somebody who knows letters. You should pass a few courses in order to see the world like me. First of all you need to know the way to see the world. You don't have to think this too much difficult. Let's take mathematics as an example. What kind of teaching and learning can make you to create and solve the mathematical questions ? If you think this question you may find a good idea. If you don't find any idea ask me again.
Because I do not teach meditation I don't know why people have to practice meditation. I know that there are lots of people who have experienced very dangerous things through meditation.
You were born by the causes and occasions of the activities of the world. In short, you are a creature of the world. The world can not exist inside of you. And your effort and ability will decide how much you do understand and embrace this world.
Who is the God and why it want to live in poor humans' body ? You might understand it if you think this issue with common sense. That is just a fable that was made by liars. And 'Heaven is within you' means that the way to the heaven is created by what is in you.


Further response from Ron

Sir, Of course one should go to an expert in any field chosen.
Truth is often simple.
Can you tell me how to see as you do?
Maybe describe what it is like?
I sense you feel like an island
I might be wrong
Maybe you feel the Oneness.
Connection brings Joy
You do not seem joyful
again, I may be wrong.
Thank you for returning to assist.
I find it hard to believe"no one else wanted to come"
as you said... what are three things most important to you, sir please?
Perhaps some will understand if there is more description
of what we are and what we are not
Thank you very much!


Further reply from Tathagata

Dear Ron,

When I see the things I see them as they are.
People have very different points of view because they have different motae. That's why many of saints who came to the human world were killed. They should have said more carefully. But people can realise that they committed sin only after when those saints were killed. People understand what saints said were true only after their death.
I also have spent lots of time in agony to find out a solution for the problem of difference of view between human beings and me. And finally I understood that was the evidences. People had to accept what I said was true as I showed them the perfect evidence but they looked away because they didn't like it. Good wins evil-it is right in only theory. But in reality a good person can be killed by a stronger robber. In human history unrighteousness have prevailed over righteousness.