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Questions and Answers 3

Q; When I listened to you, you looked very strong. By the way, why can't you speak English?
A; I have never had specific English education.
'Enlightenment' is opening eyes to what exists in the world, but it is not becoming a master in every functional thing. If you are wondering about a matter of language, I want you to refer to people in the past. Gautama could not speak English and Jesus Christ could not, either. Neither can I.

Q; Jesus and Buddha did not say that they were enlightened
A; Jesus did not attain the 'Supreme Enlightenment' completely. However Gautama said obviously that he was enlightened.

Q; Let us see the proofs for your claim.
A; Which proof do you mean?

Q; I mean the proof of the fact that you are enlightened.
A; I have the proof that I attained the 'Supreme Enlightenment' among the people who have been born for 6000 years. Look at my face. I have bulge in the middle of my forehead. It is the Third Eye that has existed only in the legend. Nobody has this kind of proof.

Q; OO of India also has the same bulge.
A; If he has it we should prove it. If he can say 'What is' as it is and explain 'what is' as I do he must be an enlightened being, too. But it is absolutely impossible for such a thing to happen in this era.

Q; What made you have such confidence in the fact that you were enlightened. How can you say that you are the useful existence to the world? Why should I believe your claim?

Q; I say that I was enlightened, because I was enlightened.
I also say that I do something useful to you, because what I do can result in useful things. You should believe what I say, because it is in 'Truth'.

Q; Can people attain enlightenment just by counting age backwards? What is the way to Buddha or enlightenment?
A; Gautama Buddha did not explain in detail how he could reach enlightenment. Actually it is almost impossible for ordinary people to attain enlightenment in the present era. As the proof, there have been only two people for 6000 years who claimed that they were Enlightened, one was Gautama born in India. And then I came to this world as the next one. Only counting age backwards can not make you attain enlightenment. In order to be enlightened you have to come back to the world of origin, which is world before birth. When I was enlightened, I made the state inside of me. I was already an enlightened being in the past world and when I came to the present world I could be born as an enlightened being .

Q; How on earth can you know all the people in the world? And how can you say that nobody has experienced and will experience the ordeals that you have undergone?
A; It is because there is no one who is burdened with the burden of the world and is able to be burdened with it.

Q; What is 'Truth'?
A; 'Truth' means what makes it possible for 'What is' to exist.

Q; What is the way to make 'Truth' come true?
A; It is to confirm 'What is' with proofs and to understand correctly 'What is'.

Q; Who raises the money for the travel?
A; I do not have any sponsors. Economically it is very hard to travel.

Q; Do you get angry?
A; When I see wrong things or my hope goes wrong, I sometimes get angry. However, I do not have such feelings as anger or sorrow.

Q; Why are you so anxious for the fact that you can not give the resolution of problems in the world if you are an enlightened being?
A; That is because the future of mankind and you depend on my effort.

Q; What can you see through what exists in the world?
A; It is 'Truth'.

Q; If you can not see everything through your physical eyes, how can you prove the fact that you can see everything with the third eye ?
A; The assertion of my enlightenment is my words and action. Checking my words out will confirm your doubt.

Q; If you are enlightened why can not you solve problems in Korea?
A; Everyone has his own destiny. The destiny has effects on the society. The people who have the destiny to perish, do not welcome the other people who do not ruin them. I tried to solve the problems around me, but nobody accepted me. Gautama was the one who also experienced the same thing as I have experienced.

Q; Teach us how to see 'life'. You said that it was very difficult for ordinary people to be enlightened.
If so, is not it the waste of time that we listen to your teaching?
A; No, it is not. It is very important to acquire the way to enlightenment from an enlightened being. The reason why I said that most people can not attain enlightenment is that it is rare that an enlightened being appears in the world.

Q; If the way to enlightenment is so hard, what should people do?
A; People should learn from an enlightened being how they can attain enlightenment.

Q; Please let us know what 'Death' is like.
A The question about 'Death' is the same as the question about the world after life. In the posthumous world there exist a few different dimensions. The dimension which you come to reach is determined by what has been in your life. Most acquaintances went to the most miserable world after they died. If you want to know this kind of thing more in detail, you can visit the place where I stay. If you ask questions in that area and you listen to my explanation for couple of hours, you can understand a little bit better.

Q; Are you born again after this life?
A; I can not promise when I should come back to the world again. Even though I did not have to be born in this era, I had to come in order to reveal what exists in the world. I could not help it.

Q; You do not have any logical proofs which can back up your assertion. Can you demonstrate your enlightenment logically?
A; What do you mean by 'logical'? My words are not incorrect at any parts.

Q; What is the truth of this world?
A; The truth is 'What is' as it is.

Q; I hope you should know the fact that you are in the country which has high spirit and philosophy. Our philosophy teaches us the fact that no one is determined to teach us.
A; Hypocrites have made a lot of words and instilled them into people in order to grow their power. Someone talked about philosophy to me a few seconds ago. The man should know what he asked about, in order to confirm whether my answer is right or wrong. So I want to know what the questioner asked. You are using the word of 'Philosophy'. What do you mean by 'Philosophy'? If you ask questions with them misunderstood, my answer will not match your thoughts. Who on earth can answer my question about philosophy in India?

Q; Philosophy is the way to 'Truth'.
A; What is 'Truth'?

Q; 'Truth' means that what is in the world is one.
A; Then I want to ask a question about 'one'. Why do you live?

Q; One becomes all.
A; What you are saying is too difficult. What is the 'one'?

Q Everyone has the 'one' inside of him.
A; What is it that exist in everyone? Explain it in such a way that people can understand.

Q; It can not be defined.
A; If it can not be defined, that means you are not aware of philosophy. Let me ask a question. What is the answer of '1+1'?

Q; Gautama said that an enlightened being did not be born again at all. However you said that you did not know if you would be born or not.
A; The meaning of attaining a perfect enlightenment is 'Emancipation'. 'Emancipation' means the state of being free from 'Karma'. To be sorry, I had to be born in this era, though? In the age, someone had to come in order to reveal truth. However nobody wanted to come and do the work. So I had to come.

Q; Instead of proving your enlightenment, let us know your philosophy.
A; I have never told you to believe in me. I am just asking for your interest in what exists in front of you. Here let's confirm briefly. Is there anyone who knows why he lives?

Q; You seem to be a liar. In what way can you give confidence to us?
A; When you see something you see them through your imagination ,when I see something I see through 'What is'. The reason why people do not accept what I say, is that there is the wall between us which both of us can not climb over. You gave me a very good question today.

Q; Please reveal the truth.
A; I am revealing what has happened to us. Our conversation is being recorded. Confirm what we talked about with this tape.
A; When are you going to leave this world?
Can you live as long as you want?
A; I will stay in the world for 18 years from now on. I will do my best in order to make people's eyes open. This work will be very important. My physical body can not live forever but my soul can live forever.

Q; What does 'Enlightenment' mean exactly?
A; 'Enlightenment' means eyes' opening to 'Truth'. Easily speaking, it means seeing 'What is'.
There are a lot of universities. All the universities teach anthropology. However, they are still
unaware of how mankind was created and what process mankind changes through. If I want to
know such a thing, I can understand it right now by looking into 'What is'. 'What happens' is
caused by 'What is' and 'What is' also appears by 'What happens'.

Q; What do you mean by 'a particular thing' in this era? And who gave your name,
A; I just told you that I was the one who opened my eyes because I opened my eyes. You should not compare my life with that of Gautama or Jesus Christ. This era is close to 'The period of change'. Therefore I have to suggest a hope for you. Mankind has existed through change. In a religion they call the period 'Conclusion'. However, I say that the period of change must exist in order for the world itself to survive. As far as you are not aware of 'What is' in 'Truth' by yourselves, it is very difficult to understand this kind of thing. If you can not believe what I said, you had better search for the proofs. There are not any fields where my answers can not be right. How many people can explain any kind of 'Truth' as well as I? If there are someone who can do so, I want to confirm the fact right now? I came to India for you. This is my love. Whether you can have good results or not, is up to your actions and judgments. I just want to comment on the fact that because you are not accustomed to 'Truth' what I say can not agree on your thoughts.

(c) Enlightenment Of Tathagata