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Tathagata a Question
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Enlightenment Questions - Question From Mir Mehmood

Dear Tathagata,

Going through your site, what you say existed since begining and all along
great soles knew and taught all about it.
This is my second mail to you. the first one you didnt answer, for the
reason better known to you.
If as per you, you had recieved enlightenment, it is good for you. how is it
going to help me to solve my problem ?

Answer from Tathagata

Dear Mir

I say I am enlightened. It means I have opened my eye to the world. If you are willing to know, I would like to tell you that everything in the world has been determined and they become to exist by the various problems in themselves. If you want to solve your wondering I would like to recommend you to learn from the basic.