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Enlightenment Questions - Question From Mark

Dear Tathagata.

I view enlightenment as an ultimate awareness, totally open to all suggestions, with the ability to derive truth from such awareness by asking infinite questions... not the common definition of "having" all the answers, but the ability to come to the correct conclusion, always.

Enlightenment is the acceptance of truth brought through logic, and the ability to apply such truth to anything that may come along. To be enlightened is to understand not only truth, but to acknowledge the existence of un-truth and apply that knowledge to prove truth.

Would you agree ? If so, perhaps I am well on my way to what should be the goal of every living being that may be aware of such a goal.

If you are for some reason unfamiliar with the works of Edgar Cayce, I would strongly suggest checking him out. He is another who spoke only in truth, although I feel he held back much of what he knew - he put forth a tremendous amount of valuable information. I am assuming you would have already have had some contact with his A.R.E. I feel you could be of some significance in their regard, I'm sure you can shed light on that yourself =).

Excuse my ignorance in regard to yourself, I have not yet read much of your site, only a few topics of which my previous thoughts have fallen upon complete vindication.

But, back to Cayce: His "doomsday" predictions are not so specific... I feel on purpose. I am most familiar with his view of America, being as we are both from America. He indicates, as do you (and I agree), much devastation will come from water. I have drawn the correlation to a pole shift, even before I had any such knowledge of the poles actually shifting - the start of which in 1999 which aligns with the mayan calendar. This I believe is what brings about such earth changes, causing a great gravity shift - and from what I have read you agree. This process is upon us... it is only a matter of time before a great plate shift occurs, and the inevitable giant tsunami arises, which I doubt will be isolated... what conclusions have you come to that have not been readily published ? Cayce predicted the "safe" areas in the United States to be parts of Illinois/Indiana/Ohio.... It makes perfect sense, and aligns with my "natural" affinity for that area... in fact from my youngest years I have had a certain awareness of water "coming in", although I never understood it until I recently drew that (among many other) correlation leading to the "truth". Would you agree?

Your statement of "many of the worlds creatures will die" does not incite one bit of fear in me... it only reminds that some will survive. Any is as good as infinity. Perhaps who survives will be those most in tune with the truth of nature, they will naturally go where it is safe... I think you have hinted at that through the discussion of destiny. Just as animals fly away from an impending hurricane, it will be those who listen to nature instead of fighting nature. I have never understood why people build a house that will undoubtedly be destroyed by nature, and then are upset at the sight of its destruction... such is the human condition, such is the darkness society is built on. I see their view, I understand why they have it, but I cannot understand why they accept it and seek nothing greater.

The purpose of this email is to open up a line of discussion so that we may both benefit... such is the way the world should work, I personally intend to help set things in that direction, and I believe it is also your goal =)

Peace and Love

Answer from Tathagata

Dear Mark,

Enlightenment means to see as it really is , to realise every truth. You can call him as the enlightened when you find that he has the wisdom eye that recognise truth or untruth easily.
If I mention about Edgar who you introduced, I would like to say that a prophecy which is told under the name of god is not correct. I don't know much about him or what kind of teaching that he left for the world.
If you want to discuss with me please let me have some more information about that subject. Only when I have them I can talk to you more profoundly.