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To Ask Enlightened Master
Tathagata a Question
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Enlightenment Questions - Question From Majid

Dear Tathagata,

With the warmest salute
My name is Majid Nadalizadeh. This is the first time I write to you. I studied your website and found it very enlightening. I have no right to judge anybody and I do not need to judge you because the only one who is guiding my spiritual life is God. God never sends me to a wrong spot. He always guides me to proper issues. I learned about "life" , "destiny" and "karma" through your writing and I realized the importance of cooperation with spiritual leaders, but I could not understand what is your main message for people. What is the main point that I should pay attention to?
Dear Tathagata perhaps you know about It is a global television channel owned and managed by enlightened Guru Ching Hai.
This TV channel is accessible all over the world through the satellite and internet. Master Ching Hai is warning about the very serious danger of global warming that can lead to disappear the whole of living existence on the Earth by the year 2012. In order to save the planet Earth Mster Ching Hai is inviting people to vegetarian diet, meditation, prayers, no killing, and a virtuousness way of living so that the karma of the planet will decrease.
I think both of you are working on a same goal : saving planet Earth.
I am in cooperation with this TV channel in some way. I thing it is a good idea that people all over the world receive your valuable teaching through this TV channel.
I plan to ask Master Ching Hai to produce more effective TV programs by announcing your teaching as well. But I don't know Dear Tathagata what is your idea about your cooperation with this TV.
I am waiting for hearing from you.
Thank you very much.

Yours sincerely
Majid Nadalizadeh

Answer from Tathagata

Dear Majid,

The other day, I met your master Ching Hai. But your master never talked much to me. I tried to make your master realize and your master gave me heart-warming hospitality. However, I failed to make her realize. What your master teaches is nothing particular to let people recognize things in the reality and she conveys almost spiritual teachings to people. What I can explain to you clearly is if you don't open your eye by yourself, you can not bless the world with only the spiritual teaching and the one who can not bless the world can not bless anyone. This point is the difference between my teaching and your master's teaching. If I show up on TV and reveal the world of Enlightenment then your master is going to have nothing to do. Why? Because she is not an enlightened being, she has a spiritual master and the same condition as an ordinary person who receives guidance from a spiritual master and a normal person and various kinds of people who insist they have attained Enlightenment. My condition is different. This different point can not match well. Your master told me that she liked to learn from me one day but more than 10 years later she never came to me and said hello to me so far. If you want to know about this indeed, you can verify this immediately when you bring me to your master. And we can verify that if I ask things in the reality, no one can answer my simple question in this world. This is a difference between me and ordinary people who insist they have attained Enlightenment.