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Enlightenment Questions - Question From LK

Dear Tathagata,

I have recently adapted my thinking in the way of karma. I am just trying to understand it more so i can apply it to any situation and know if i am producing good or bad karma and incorporate it into my way of living life (Does the good out weigh the bad) I have two questions...

Does ignorance affect karma ?

Does worrying affect karma ?

My situation is...

I work at a shop, and I have recently seen someone shop lift twice. It is only deodrant or something small. We have cameras but there are no recorded feed to the camera where it shows him shop lifting. The problem is, I work alone after 1pm and this person is well built, rough, and always looks on drugs.

Is it worth confrunting him and the effect it will have on me (probably being assulted) or at least alot of hassel could come as a result becasue he comes on my shifts.

I think to myself it is only small, and it is him that is doing wrong and his own karma will catch him up, it is only maybe once a month and the company I work for is massive and the stock will not be missed. And now I always remove the stock he would possibly steal and am just wating for him to come in again and see what he does. He would not be able to steal anything else without me directly seeing him do it.

I will be talking to my manager when he gets back in a week, it will also give me time to see what he does.

I would just like to know if ignorance on this sort of subject will affect my karma ?

Kind regards,


Answer from Tathagata

Dear LK,

It is hard for anyone to ignore when you find somebody doing wrong. But if he is rough and somewhat dangerous it is not easy for you to advise him directly or report to the manager. I'd like to tell you one way. Why don't you make some chances so that some other people can see his action and collect their wisdom? If several people scold him or complaint together he may be changed.
When someone worry they may have some reason. That is natural for you to worry when something wrong happens. The best way is that you always try to not happen such a bad thing and prevent you from misfortune.