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Enlightenment Questions - Question From Kyle

Dear Tathagata,

Ever since i was little boy I have always had the question, "Is destiny inevitable"? Though an exercise
on my mind, I read how Enlightenment can free us of Karma and see "what is", which gives us the opportunity to change our destiny.

1.) Would you consider/already believe that the world you and I live is a continuum?
2.) Taken from an article on destiny, "Even a drop of water in the largest ocean has more significant
presence in the backdrop of that ocean than a human being has in the universe. What this signifies is that it is impossible for a man to change the course of events, since the causes of those events lie not in his domain but in the whole of the past of the universe." Doesn't this challenge your set of beliefs
that man can change his destiny ?
3.) Would you agree to the notion, "every choice one makes, there is a consequence" ?
4.) What does the phrase/word "manifest destiny" mean to you ? In history books it ultimately is a spiritual justification for Americas expansion. But if you treat the phrase as two separate words, can one manifest their destiny though their choices, which basically is stating that life is one big storyline of destinies ?


Answer from Tathagata

Dear Kyle,

1) Everything in the world repeats the same things. That's why the same things happen continuously.
2) According to my confirmation during my stay in human world, everything in the world exists by the law of cause and relations. Destiny is formed by what happened in you and the god of destiny that controls your destiny is something that exists by what happened in you.
3) That's right. The answer is determined by the question.
4) 'Manifest destiny' means something that is determined by the problem.