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Enlightenment Questions - Question From Joyce

Sri Sri Tathagata,


Please tell me about my soul, why I am here this lifetime.

1. Am I a reincarnation of a past master ? (some people/spiritual teacher(s) told me I am but I do not know as I have not fully connected my current body with my past knowledge greater self body) and who am I a reincarnation of ?

2. What is my mission in this lifetime ? Do I have a specific mission, what is it ?

3. Can I attain enlightenment this lifetime? How? What is best spiritual practice for my soul ?

4. What is my future? (this lifetime, next lifetime, etc.)

5. Can I find a spiritual master to teach me and bless me with the steps to enlightenment ? When will I be able to study with that teacher and what is their name? Are they Buddhist, Hindu, Native American, or other religion/culture?


Joyce Wright

Answer from Tathagata

Dear Joyce,

1. As your past life has already erased in your memory long long time ago, you do not have any evidence to prove the truth what happened in your past life. All your memory was erased in the process of your revival to this world of phenomenon. If you was a master in your past life you still have the knowledge of that time. Could you show me them? Then, I can tell you what you were... a master,a soldier or a farmer... However I can not tell you now as we are in very distance and we never ever met.

2.The parent body of all of the lives is made from what happened in it's past. That parent body was revived and born again, which is called as life. Don't think much of your mission that came from your birth. Your real mission is to find what you really want to do and to learn how you can realise it.
3.I've traveled lots of countries and met many people. But I could not meet any enlightened one or any one who knew about enlightenment. Although it is possible for anyone to get an enlightenment you need to pass a few process. If you want to be enlightened you should understand the courses very precisely and practice them. Then you will be able to know where is the enlightenment and how it comes to you. The best practice for your soul and life is to make yourself live with diligence, simplicity and honesty. I expect your good question.
4.I do not have any information about you and what you do, so I don't know what you are like. Without information I can not say about your future. The things in the world is like maths. An answer is made by a question. That's why my answer about your future will only depend on your information. If someone can tell the future without this process you can believe it's a lie.
5. I've explained it to you just before. Even though I travelled so many places in the world I failed to find any one who had the knowledge to guide humans to enlightenment. If you want enlightenment and are looking for such a guru you can meet him.
Enlightenment means to realise what is in the world and how the things come to exist. Therefore the enlightened one can see where is good and bad and he becomes to familiar with the principle of the world. If you want you can see me anytime. If you want my knowledge you can have it anytime. But your view and mine to see the world are too far, so it's maybe a long long way for you to come to me and learn.