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Tathagata a Question
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Enlightenment Questions - Question From Joe

Dear Tathagata,

I am not sure what to ask, so many questions, Are there Spirit guides, who can help me seek the divine within me ? I Know about the times Ahead, I have Vision in my dreams, I have always felt a responsibility to ensure that the plants and animals make it into the new world. there will be a time when the earth sheds some of her crust and lava will cover the rest, the earth will slow way down or stop before we go to the new world, then it will speed up real fast as she draws herself back together, until then there will be little or no gravity, and this will all start within 14 years. I have had one dream about living in the middle of the earth, Maybe my next life in Zion ? I see my current life alot in my dreams, I get deja vu almost weekly, I get little reminders that bring me back to my dream, to realize what is in my future, what ever the dream was about happens within 48 hours. Can people walk freely in the dream world, I used to as a kid and I could fly to wherever I wanted to go ? Sometimes I hear strange words in my head like a forgotten language. I can see numbers before they come up, and pick up the phone before it rings. What can I do to gain more truth and develop my abilities?

Thank you for any thing you can tell me

Answer from Tathagata

Dear Joe,

Through your question I saw that your problem is being formed, which ordinary people do not understand.
As good and bad, both of them exist in realities of life, just see what happens in living reality.
Nobody knows or predicts where you will be born in next life.
You say that you can do prepare before things happen and I understand it as premonition. It is important for you to check whether your premonition comes from your own consciousness or from the power of the dead soul.