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Enlightenment Questions - Question From Jerry

Dear Sir Tathagata,

I am from Nigeria and I have read some of your messages and I find it interesting. I am writing to you if you could be of an assistance in helping to enlighten me the more because I have been finding things difficult. Although I am a christian from birth but still I work hard and things dont seems to work out as I expected in my life.
Sir,could you still believe that uptill now I have not been able to locate my fathers place of origin,each time I try to make move to know where my father comes from some forces beyond my control is always discouraging me and because of this I am yet to get married since my wife will like to know my fathers place and this has been given me sleepless night. I must confess to you that I am 37 years of age and still single but I believe that it is not late as far as I know that something positive will begin in my life soon.
Please sir,can you inform and direct me on the things to do that will turn my situation around because I know that I am doing a good business but not reaping as expected.
I am really eager to hear from you.