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To Ask Enlightened Master
Tathagata a Question
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Enlightenment Questions - Question From Jamie

Dear Tathagata,

Hello there. First off I would like to ask a question to give credibility to your position, not that I don't believe you, but I have to say I am skeptical. I would like you to tell me something about myself, maybe something that no one knows, or couldn't easily know from your standpoint. I would like very much to support you, but would not like to be supporting something that couldn't help the human race, as I believe that should be everyone's goal in life. Please reply as swiftly as possible.

Jamie M.

Answer from Tathagata

Dear Jamie,

I think that your question is a good question. I haven't received such a good question for a long time. You may have difficulty to understand me. It's impossible for anyone to easily accept and understand my ability and my words because even though the chance to be born as an enlightened being in the world happens about once in every three thousand years, but in my case I've already had the superior enlightenment in my Motae tens of thousands of years ago. What I can speak to people is to teach people what I see in things in the world and to explain to people how important my teaching is for them. Then, what is the difference between what I teach and what the others teach ?

The others make words and read books and explain what they've read from books and what they don't know as if they know about the contents of the books. But I don't make words and read books. My teachings is to explain the problems that people should know and how people can recognize the problems and how my teaching can be helpful for making themselves realize. I explain to people such examples. Then, how about the others' teaching. Now almost all people who lead many people have a spiritual master and what the spiritual master teaches doesn't have a problem and they miss how the problem becomes some result through some example.

This point is the difference between my teaching and the others'. And the more people are ignorant then the more they like the illusionary word. That's why, anyone can accept easily untrue words but an enlightened being, in my case, absolutely never speaks illusionary words. I see what is and explain what will happen in the future and explain how things in the world exist, but I explain in detail the cause and matter in the process and result. I hope my words can be helpful for you.