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Enlightenment Questions - Question From Ishaqui

Hi Tathagata,

I was taken to your site through the pattern of randomness that binds us all together. I read a good portion of your site, and it was very impressive. My question to you is that, how do you know that you are the one, can there be more than one Tathagata in one time period?. I've always felt that I am also a Tathagata, but may not have reached supreme enlightenment.
If you are the knower of the truth, please tell me something about me.


Answer from Tathagata

Dear Ishaqui,

It is very simple to confirm your question.
Tathagata is a person who has opened his eye to the world and became to see the things in the world. If you claim that you have attained enlightenment and named yourself as Tathagata you should realise what are in reality. If you tell me what you can see I will let you confirm it immediately.