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Enlightenment Questions - Question From Ing

Dear Tathagata,

Is fear the biological result of not understanding ?
Is the self and the Freudian ego attachment because we're just made up of a bunch of attachments ?
Is the self everything we do ?


Answer from Tathagata

Dear Ing
As fear exists by various causes I only can answer to the problems that the individuals feel.
Although it is true that every existence has got their attachment to themselves I find it difficult to answer to you. I would like to listen more concrete cases from you, then I will be able to give a proper answer that you expect.
If you act, it is you. But the problem is that consciousness of majority people today are in sleeping. That's why the subject of their doings can be changed in cases. I need a verification to answer this question.
When you find anything that you can not understand ask again.

Dear Tathagata,

I have another question in addition to my previous inquiries. What is justice? Maybe, how is it possible for one who is not enlightened, or even bodies who are not enlightened to make judgment on those around them? Is there a best way since clearly not everyone can attain an enlightenment within the life they live now?


Further answer from Tathagata

Firstly, Justice means to prevent misfortunate matters from happening by revealing things as they really are . Secondly, the ordinary people can improve their ability of judgement by learning and studing various cases around them. It is the proper way to enlighten oneself .