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Enlightenment Questions - Question From George K

Dear Tathagata,

I have come across your website on the internet, and at first I was
surprised to have seen such a being who claims to be an enlighted person.
Today there are many who claims to be gurus, saints, svamis, spiritual teachers
and so on and on. And everyone says that he's a bona-fide spiritual master.
They attract young and unexperienced people who then became their desciples.
All those teachers support their teachings with so-called holy scriptures,
but sometimes it seems that all that brings about more chaos in human minds
than goodness. I wonder whether in your travels have you ever encountered a
person or spiritual masters of whom you could tell : yes,it seems that this master
is a real one who knows truth,who can be called 'enlightened', and whose teachings
are worth to be recommended to others. I don't want to speak about those others
as dishonest persons ( I rather do not use such expressions), but I would rather say
about them as not knowing the truth, and if someone is away from the truth then
how can he/she teach others.But, unfortunately, it happens very often and in the
end a lot of disciples end their ways mislead and in still worse circumstances than
in the beginning. And here we 've got a problem of today's world : you say
in your teachings that it is an important thing to be aware of the way
the mind works (in conjunction with the karma that influences the mind),
and be aware of the fact that doing right things strengthen our inner
potential, whereas doing bad things leads us into ignorance and away from
enlightenment by which we can free ourselves from the bondage of
ignorance and of the influence of karma. In that case, can you point to
any so-called religious scriptures that, according to your knowledge, could be
beneficial for all of us, and could you point to any sort of religious environment
(I mean Catholicism, Buddhism, Hinduism, for example, along with their 'holy
scriptures') as a poit of referrence (for truth) in the spiritual path?
This has been quite a long question and it may appear too complicated, so once
again : what , according to you, is the spiritual condition of humankind today after
already more than two thousand years of Christianity, after almost three thousand
years since the Buddha Gautama tought of his enlightenment, after around thirteen/
fourteen (depends on how we calculate the this period) centuries since Mohammed,
the messenger of Allah, revealed Koran ( by the way, what is your thinking in this
subject_who was Koran revealed by?), and so on.
There are many spiritual teachers who constantly want their disciples to repeat
various mantras as a means of liberating the selfs from their karma and a means of
reunion (yoga, communion) with the Supreme God. ( At this point I would like to
ask you to clarify to me your understanding of God, if this is not a trouble to you,
of course). It would be a very precious thing to hear from you on this matter, for
all of us who I hope will be able to see my questions on their computers and,
of course your answers.
In other words, people devote many of their time and energy to practice this or another
form of religion. But , do you see any good arising out of that or maybe, do you think
the progress on this path is very slow or none?
Note: In case you would like to answer my question, you do not have to quote this
email in whole, as it has been so far regarding other's people questions (it seems that
they were cited in whole). You may extract a problem and answer it the way you
think is the best.
Thank you for your attention,
George K.

Answer from Tathagata

Dear George,

I have not encountered anyone who has known the Truth.
I have not heard any teaching that I wanted to recommend.
As far as I understand there is no religious scripture that is helpful to people.
Today we do not have any religion that is helpful to people alive.
Someone who says about reunion with God does not know the world. That's why you should confirm what do they name by the word 'God' ?
Since everything in the world has been determined all of the answers exist in their problems. I could not find anything good in the problems that they showed except something bad. If a man who does not have strong will meets with those bad people he will experience the same phenomenon of having a narcotic. And it is difficult to be free from the poisoning. This is also the fact that is determined.