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Enlightenment Questions - Question From Frank


I would like to ask two questions today.
Number one is: What are the five desires that we lose when we become enlightened?
The second: Does Karma have a deciding factor on becoming enlightened ?
If so, how does one go beyond it ?

Thank you for your thoughts,

Answer from Tathagata

Dear Frank,

You can transcend the five desires after enlightenment. They are desires for fame, power, materials, sex and likings.
Karma means things in your past i,e, what is in the origin of your life. This karma was created by the activities in your past. It is attached to you and has influence on your life until it is vanished. It can be repeated for hundreds to thousands years from one time mistake. Whenever you come to life it comes along with you. That's why karma is the biggest obstacle to attain enlightenment. Only when you remove karma you can enter samadhi and then you can see things as they really are. How on earth is it possible to achieve enlightenment without satisfying these conditions?
Last year during my travelling to America I visited one person as I'd heard he was enlightened. When we stayed in New York for a while we tried in many ways to have an appointment with him. Finally we succeeded so we drove the car to his place and we met his secretary , students and the editor of his magazine first. I suggested that I would like to donate all of my money if I could find that his activity was beneficial for the world. He seemed to be attracted to money. He allowed us to see him anyway.
He walked lightly holding his dog in his arm and sat on the sofa . He looked at me with silence." I'm here to meet a guru, so I'd like to check one thing. Do you mind if I give you a question?" "No, I don't."
I asked him,"What is your standard for right and wrong ?" He didn't answer. How is it possible for a person to enlighten somebody if he is not able to see what is right or wrong ? Then, how can he have so many followers ? Because there are the dead.
Somebody who wants enlightenment must make self free from one's own karma. How can you disentangle the karma ? No way. As the past has passed nobody can refund it. It had existed and passed. Here we have the only way. That's love. Only through love you can burn your karma. Through love and agony. It is absolutely wrong if somebody says that you can obtain enlightenment without them.
Nobody knows in this era what love is. That's why for enlightenment you need to meet the enlightened one first and learn the process from him and practice them as you learned.
If you really want to be enlightened ask yourself,"Am I strong in my body and spirit ?" If "no" it is impossible to attain enlightenment in this life. That's nothing but your desire . The way to remove karma is love and agony. I teach there's no way without them .