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Enlightenment Questions - Question From Eric

Dear Tathagata,

I know of someone who was meditating for hours on a rock. He said he could feel every one who was within many many meters of distance. He asked me if I wanted to learn something. I said yes. He grabbed my arm realy hard (it hurt) and then opened his eyes really wide and said "listen". He then opened his mouth (unimaginable giants voice, as big as a mountain, or the universe) and I was surrounder by om, I almost made water in my pants and tried to pull away but the om was all knowing I felt it's wisdom, and I knew I could not hide anywhere. He told me, they will not hurt you, do not be afraid. He says he is a gate keeper. I am a white man in america and have never ever heard of anything like this. Only the bible when Moses spoke to God. So I saw your e-mail address claiming enlightenment. So I am only trying to find an answer. I do not need an answer any more, but thought I would try anyway. It was that day that has led me very very far in my
search for self. I let go of all things including fear of death and concepts of anything iincluding love, hate enlightenment etc... and then something happened to me, I was in a natural state for 3 days. Some would call it bliss. I call it natural. It did not feel like bliss at the moment, only a perfect state of mind. I now have had strong pulsations on my middle lower forhead. I looked up third eye, because it is becoming painful and I wondered if that was normal. is it? Did you experience pain as your third eye opened.

Thank you for your response

Answer from Tathagata,

Dear Eric,

I read well your mail. But it's a shame that I can not explain each of the contents that you sent me because there is too big a difference between what I see in the world and what you see in the world. If your master showed that to you, ask him if he can also show that thing to me. And if he can show me that, he will be a great person. However, let me tell you one thing, he is still a blind person, so he can show incomprehensible and mysterious things to people but it's hard for him to recognize things in reality. Therefore, you need to see that I debate something with him and what I ask him and what I answer to his question. If you want this, I can fly to America or India or everywhere and anytime for you. If you are wondering this, first, I want to inform you about a very important thing, which is that that we should judge something by a fact rather than by our imagination. And we never deny that everything in reality is true. I'm very curious as to which mysterious power he has. I feel very interesting if the mysterious power can affect even me. So far, I've never seen anyone that can wield me their mysterious power and whenever I visit someone who declares themselves as an enlightened being on my world travels, I've never met even one person who can recognize what I point out about things in reality. I recommend you think of this matter deeply.