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Perfect Enlightenment, Supreme Enlightenment, Spiritual Enlightenment of Tathagata Buddha

The Man With the Third Eye (the Eye of Wisdom) Has Come. Who is Tathagata ? Why did he come ? How did he attain Enlightenment ?

Tathagata, third eye, eye of wisdom, enlightenment
After Enlightenment,
First a symbol (the eye of wisdom) appeared in the middle of the forehead.
Second, I came to see things of the world through my consciousness.
Third, I became distant from the five desires.
Fourth, I became able to perceive things in the truth and say them.

The one who attains Supreme Enlightenment will call himself as Tathagata.(Buddha)
His mission is to reveal the way of the world for all mankind.

Read his teachings about What is Karma ? What is Destiny ? What is Life ?
How Can We Get Happiness and Peace ?

Read Tathagata's message to the world.

Ask Tathagata any questions about his Enlightenment, karma, destiny, life and this world.
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