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Enlightenment Questions - Question From D

Dear Tathagata,

Greetings fellow enlightened one. We are all pupils, as well as teachers. One is forever educating , one is forever being educated. with such power as absolute truth, the universe seems to fall into place , however .. a few individuals like ourselves do not make the majority. I have attempted many times to teach my friends how to live their lives to the positive potential, however they disregard truth and continue their consumerism antics. I live in the Toronto, Ontario area. such a lifestyle will only end in blood and despair.

Have you any advice on how one may effectively convey the truth, perhaps even convince my friends to change their lifestyles as to not harm the earth and stop supporting slavery. they grow weary of my words...perhaps someone else's may be of positive influence.

Should you have words to assist me in assisting my friends in opening their eye...I would be grateful.



Answer from Tathagata

Dear D,

One of the most important things in life is simplicity. If people lose it , it is like the self-destruction of their lives. When they are enlightened they stop this but nobody can stop them if they do not have any enlightenment. Because it is their own destiny that they made.