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Enlightenment Questions - Question From Christopher Sambo

Dear Tathagata

My name is christopher Sambo....
I live in the Netherlands but I grew up on an island called Curacao.
I am turned 24 years on the 5th of april.
I never liked school, I got nice grades but I never put lot of effort
In learning things at school becouse I felt that I can teach myself anything I wish to know at a particular time in my life.
and second I find school to be in benefit of the system (the system with is the structure of a community, city, island etc)
I also remember having many questions about certain things when I was young,.. and never was happy with the answers given to me by teachers my mother and father etc etc I know this is so because they didn't know better and the ones before them didn't know better either.
I came to Holland to study at a nice school but I did not complete that year and dropped out of school and lived My life unto this day.
I have been through a lot of situations through a lot of lessons not clear to me at the time they happened but afterwards,...after I came to understand after I came to realize that my life is a lesson for me to become a better self.
I always lived my life consciously...asking myself why thing happen the way they do and why things are the way they are.... since I was little.
But if you keep on getting the same answers everywhere,..answers that I know from inside that are not completely true, I started to put them in the back of my head.
until a time came when my eyes opened to certain things that I could not see before or was not aware of before and this went on like a cataclysm I wanted to find out anything I could about questions I had.
and today I found you..... and I would want to meet you in person and talk to you in person,... I do not want to see you for any proof
I do not want to see you for you to show me proof....
I want to come see you and I come then with an open mind
I want to meet you so you can teach me how to find my own proof my own answers of what is and all questions of life etc etc.....
I wanted to know if this would be possible...i want it to be possible becouse it is very inportant for me.
because if you have achieved Supreme Enlightenment you can teach people TRUE teachings .... what I have an open mind for..... my mind is open for anything and my spirit shall show me the truth of it.

Thank you

yours friendly Christopher Sambo

Answer from Tathagata

Dear Christopher Sambo,

Thank you for your letter. Whatever you want can be accomplished between you and me. However, even I have met a lot of people, I wasn't very helpful to them because no one is truly interested in things in themselves. If the content of your letter is true, I will find the way for you so that your every wishes could come true.