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Enlightenment Questions - Question From Cherry

Dear Tathagata,

I read about dead souls on your website - but can you explain more. How can someone tell if they have a dead soul driving their body ?
What kind of examples can you give in humans that have dead souls inside them ? Because when I read about it I thought of many possible examples that your writing can fit.
Does this mean mental illnesses like schitzophrenia and voices in someones head, is it the same as being possessed by a spirit or ghost ? I think using the word spirit is more fitting than dead soul.
How can you tell if you have dead soul possessing you or someone else - how can you tell if the actions are yours or the dead soul ..and if someone is possessed by dead soul then how can you scare them away or get them out ?


Answer from Tathagata

Dear Cherry

Because the man's soul is body of consciousness and it is composed by energy, it can enter man's body whenever they find a chance. And it is very easy for them to possess your body if you are ignorant. Although the spirit controls your body on it's own, sometimes you do not realise what you have done because you are in the state of dormancy.
There are the terms of double personality or triple personality. It means there are two or three souls stay together in one body. they show the different types of behaviour. The spirit staying in a living body regards it as it's home then, it is very hard to drive it away from the body. If you meet a person with particular power it may possible, however the spirit does not move or hide itself it is almost impossible to remove it.