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Enlightenment Questions - Question From Arvind

Dear Tathagata,

Do you believe in God.Can you tell whether Jesus , Gautam Buddha , Mohammad were enlightened.
How you are going to help ordinary people like us, as you say that no one can achieve the state of enlightenment.



Answer from Tathagata

Dear Arvind,

When we ask someone that you believe in God, we have to clarify which point of god we believe in. If the question ask me that I believe in existence of God, I say yes and I do believe existence of God itself. But I can not answer ability and role of God because your question is not definite.
I can not find evidence that Mohammad and Jesus attained Enlightenment. But I can verify evidence that shows Siddhartha Gautama attained Enlightenment through explained content in 'Praj Paramit' and without reaching the world in real, no one can speak such content. He didn't write down his imagination. For that reason, I can explain that he is the one who attained the Supreme Enlightenment. I can not agree that Jesus and Mohammad attained Enlightenment because there are no such evidences through them.
If there is one thing that I make you realize, I let you see some instance and your consciousness can awake through the instance. First of all, it is hard for ordinary people to attain Enlightenment because it is really rare to be born enlightened being in the world and even though enlightened being had been born, there has been no guide book to explain definition and process and way of the Enlightenment in every particular instance so far. However if you want that, I can make the guide book for you. And I will bear the responsibility if the book is wrong. I can explain you how people can attain Enlightenment. For debating this thing we need more concrete question and answer. Therefore, if you ask a concrete question of me, I will answer accurately and if it is not, I just explain simple example.